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As a strictly noncommercial studio, Kitsch-soft is supported by Patreon donations and C’s freelance work.  As part of the latter, C is offering his skills as an English-language editor and localizer to the visual novel community. 

The following is a brief Q&A regarding his services.

What types of editing services do you offer?

At this time, I am offering basic copyediting and proofreading only.  By this, I mean that I will do the technical work of correcting simple typos, errors of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, basic consistency, etc.  I will not do theoretical work, like any kind of critical feedback or guidance on your story’s structure, scene structure, character, and so on.

What does English-language localization mean?

If your visual novel was originally written in another language, or if you write in English as a second language, some sentences might not sound natural to English-speaking readers even if they are technically correct.  As a native English speaker from the Midwest USA, I can check over your script and make your writing flow naturally and nicely.

Can’t I get just any editor to work with me on my VN?

Well, you could… but will just any editor feel comfortable slogging around in a Ren’Py script?  My technical background and experience with development environments means you may send me your scripts in whatever format is easiest for you.

My script is 18+ and/or contains controversial themes, is that OK?

Yes.  However many reasons there are for people to be angry about your story, grammatical errors should not be one of them.

What if I disagree with your changes?

So long as I am paid according to our contract, you may reject any changes you wish.  (I may ask not to be credited depending on the extent of the changes rejected.)

How much does it cost?

For commercial visual novels, rates vary with the length and specific needs of your script.  If you would like to discuss a script with me, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. For short visual novels that are released for free, I offer free editing.  Refer to my post at the Lemma Soft Forums for more information.

How do I know you won’t drop off the face of the earth after I pay my deposit?

When you sign a contract with me, you will receive my email address, Skype, Discord, and cell phone number.  You will always have a way to reach me.  If for any reason I am unable to continue our agreement as signed, I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the issue.

How is babby formed?

Babby is formed by the accumulation of our collective darkness as we claw at each other’s throats in the search for meaning and significance before finally giving up hope and spending the rest of our days screaming helplessly into the void.  Babies are formed as a consequence of one’s mastery of the English language.

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