Works in Progress

Paw * Prints  –  those who went before

Years after Earth is crippled by nuclear war, the interplanetary shuttle R.F.S. PANDORA sets out on a one-way journey for the New World, only to meet with strange electronic disturbances as it refuels in orbit.

Twelve  – an electric memoir –

In a rundown apartment in an obscure town, a lonely programmer introduces an artificial intelligence program to the human world.  But as she grows in understanding, she begins to uncover the strange and tragic circumstances surrounding her birth.

 The Light of Dixie ~ a little moth’s dream of burning ~

It is the winter of 1864.  General William T. Sherman is burning down Georgia as his army systematically marches to the sea.  As he advances toward the town of Macon, one cowardly young recruit abandons his brothers in arms and defects to the woods, where he meets a most unlikely ally.

Wysterton Story: Cat and Sparrow

In a city where the soot falls like snow, a disillusioned doctor-turned-killer seeks an assistant to help him complete the research project that will redeem his life.  In the young, illiterate girl who comes to work for him, he finds much more.


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